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Ultimate Midjourney Starter Pack [FREE]

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This bundle contains...

You're new to Midjourney and feeling lost.

It's ok.

You want to create cool stuff...and you want it now! (seriously though, lol)

You're already on your way.

I spent (15) months testing, studying, creating, and failing.

To bring you...

The Ultimate Midjourney Starter's Guide.

So you can become a "Midjourney Literate" in less than 1 hour.

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Who This is For:

  • Midjourney Beginners:
    • You just started and you're overwhelmed.
    • You're not getting images you like.
    • You're prompting blindly with no structure or reason.
    • You see cool images online and wonder what you're doing wrong.

What You Get:

  • Ultimate Beginners Guide to Midjourney V6 Prompting – Learn prompting basics.
  • Ultimate Beginners Guide to Midjourney Prompt Structuring – Learn proper prompt structure.
  • Ultimate Beginners Guide to Midjourney V6 Prompt Parameters – Learn Midjourney's powerful image adjusters.
  • Why Details Matter in MJV6 Prompting – Control the hell out of your images.
  • The Ultimate Midjourney Power User Cheat Sheet.

Deep Dive:

  • These guides go you can fully understand the tool and concepts.
  • This will provide you you're free to create at will.
  • These (4) guides have generated over 3,000,000+ impressions combined on Linkedin and will have you prompting better than the AI influencers.


  • Inside, you’ll find digestible tutorials that’ll get you started.
  • Step by step, we’ll walk through the wild side of Midjourney, making sure you come out the gate swinging.
  • Each PDF is accompanied by a PLAIN TEXT NOTION doc with the prompts + process so you can easily copy/paste.
  • (330+) Unique prompts for you to try and iterate.

What Others Are Saying:

  • "Your guides are amazing for someone using MJ on a regular basis but has limited time to research. I know the humongous effort you put into this. Cannot thank you enough!" Sona M. - CEO
  • "You are an MJ godsend. Love how you break down the topic, tips, and tricks. I've been able to up my prompt game and creativity a lot. Keep flippin' them gears. THANK YOU!" Eddygun A. - Head of Customer Support.


What's Next:

  • Download the guides (It's FREE)

TLDR Summary:

  • (4) Step-by-step guides, expert insights, and ready-to-use prompts, that will make you better at Midjourney guaranteed.

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$10 $0+

Ultimate Midjourney Starter Pack [FREE]

0 ratings
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